25 August 2010

The Moon

Ski lift. Heights. Steep mountainsides. Full moon. Extremely chilly weather. Cold Medication. Odd variety of People.
Interesting Evening.


That is all I have to say.

22 August 2010

Nasal Decongestant

The last few days have been horrible. My sinuses have killed due to the excessive amount of pressure they have had.

Anybody know where sinus pressure comes from? 'Cause I would really really like to know.

Anyways I had been popping Ibuprofen or Tylenol to depress the Sinus Headache pain, but it wasn't really working. I decided that I needed to go a step further and possibly find some Decongestion. To find the best, I call my mom - she doesn't know, but she gave me the best idea to ask the pharmacist. He saved me $9. He gave me a $3 generic Nasal Decongestant (instead of the $12 Mucinex that I had been looking at). He warned me that Pseudoephedrine is a stimulant and could cause trouble sleeping; especially to those who are highly sensitive to medication like me. If I took it at 7 or 8, he told me I should be fine.

So I took it when I got home at 8, and then about 45 minutes later I was caught on my bed snoozing by Shelby. 15 minutes later I was out. I woke up to much less sinus pressure. I was in heaven.

I don't know what the Pharmacist was saying though - trouble getting to sleep!

16 August 2010

Third Time's a Charm -- Hopefully.

Changing rooms is a nightmare. The packing of the boxes, the moving them all out and into another room, the cleaning. As the resident of Room 2, I have to clean the bathtub. For the last cleaning check, I cleaned that tub so well but failed and paid $20 for it. Awesome!!! Failing the check brought the cleaning lady - whom I'm positive came in with sandpaper and paint to make the tub perfectly white but leaving a brilliant layer of white dust-residue.

As I faced the tub this time around I was a girl on a mission--it was going to be clean! I took 3/4 of a bottle of SoftScrub to it. I scrubbed it once and then again. But alas, as the foot prints slowly faded away but a hidden weird dark stain showed up. (AH! the SoftScrub was eating away the paint and uncovering the hidden stains underneath.)

After two scrubs it still wasn't clean so I took Ajax to it. It turned blue!
It was a genius blue color.
Now it's white and my arms are exhausted. If it's not clean enough, I just guess I don't have the right supplies. I'll have to buy some white paint for next time.
I think it looks pretty good.
(for the amount of energy and cleaning product that went into it)

11 August 2010

2010: Summer Term

Wow! Time flew by, yet, at the same time, this term feels like it has lasted forever.

Spring Term was full of excitement: experiencing the whole BYU experience for the first time, diving into the Provo scene, learning guitar, meeting some pretty awesome people and some pretty interesting people as well. I thought how could anything top that 7 weeks of my life. Well, Summer Term was even better. For one, I only had to write 1 paper and I got to do mathematical equations every day! I mean, what is better than that?!

At the start of the term, I was super excited to start my College Algebra class to prepare me for Honors Calculus in the Fall. I had a Chemistry class I was going to also take but mid-first-class, I dropped it due to the teacher's incompetence. I signed on for Introduction to Music instead, which turned out to be an excellent choice. Both my classes were exciting and thrilling.

My teachers were both humorous, which helped my 8 o'clock music class and I become friends. The Music class had me listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Copland, Gregorian Chant, Vivaldi, and Opera all term. The Math class had me solving wonderfully beautiful logarithms, quadratic equations, inequalities, inverse functions, and then combining polynomials as well as ripping them apart. Life was good!

As I went through the term, desires to see Opera and Ballet, to play in a Symphonic Orchestra again, and to teach math were intensified. It was pretty exciting. Some people might think those desires are extremely odd, but that is just who I am.

I realized once again that I rarely open my mouth before 10 o'clock AM as I didn't meet anyone new in my early Music class, but Math (as 12:00) was a different story. I met a few people in my math class - including the mothers that were working on their unfinished degrees. Within my first week, I noticed a young man that looked really really familiar. Finally I just decided to ask him who he was and lo and behold, he lives in Centerville, went to Viewmont and his name is Brad. Small world. Anyways we became Math Study partners and dominated the class because of it. Honestly, if any of our classmates found out our grades, we'd have to go under cover to protect our lives. Why? Well, our grades will in no way help the class curve to increase. Oops.

All in all, this term was pretty awesome. Next semester will be interesting: more people, more classes, and more weeks. We'll see what happens. I'm pretty excited for the adventure that lies ahead; especially for Honors Calculus. That will definitely be one rockin' adventure.

09 August 2010

BYU Graduation. Winter 2013.

So, my education history has been nothing but smooth sailing. One turn led to another turn or dip or a flip. In a sense, almost complete nonsensical nonsense. I attended Viewmont High School up through 10th grade when during a Trigonometry course, I decided to follow my family into the awesomely intricate world of Home-school. Oh, Home-school! Thomas Jefferson Education, South Davis Co-Op, Shakespeare, over-excessive drama. O bo bo! Weird decision after decision, I end up spending a month of my life in Europe. Loved life—Paris, London, Rome, and Gelato. Then I came back from spending a month through Europe with George Wythians and decided to head south to Cedar City to attend George Wythe College, becoming a janitor/slave at GWC so that I could afford to attend. Throughout it all, the experiences were great. I learned a lot. Our experiences and what we learn from them are what make up our lives. My love for mathematics intensified without it being in my life. As my time at GWC ended in the summer of 2006, I looked forward into my life and saw completely nothing. I moved home and I thought, “What now?!” Well I went to work to get some financial backing for whatever was in my future. Then, in January I followed the scholastic call again and became a Weber Wildcat. After a semester, I decided that Weber just was not going to cut it and became an Aggie, enrolling at Utah State. Utah State lasted for a year, but a dream that I had dreamed since I was 8 years old would not be shaken. I decided that I needed to turn in my mission papers. In July of 2008, I entered the MTC to serve a mission for the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Tirana Albania, returning in January of 2010. My education career has carried me from George Wythe College, to Weber State, to Utah State, and finally to Brigham Young University where I stand today.

Tonight, I put my foot down and planned my education future from today until the day that I will receive my BYU diploma wearing my Blue cap and gown. I have put in motion declaring my major to be that of a Mathematics Education. My minor will be History Education and possibly a TESOL Minor as well, but that could be just a bit excessive. We shall see what happens. Anyways through all my planning, I have come to some conclusions: (1) each semester will be 15/16 credits, and (2) I will officially be wearing that cap and moving the tassel Winter 2013.

I will be much older than the average BYU female graduate I assume, but as a friend once told me, It doesn’t matter when, It just matters that it happens.

Thus it shall – Winter 2013. Go me!!

Overzealous Excitement

During my most recent CostCo experience,
I came across a sight that I found hilariously ridiculous.

They are prepared for the next 3 major holidays.
Lt to Rt: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween.

Sure, I am super excited for Halloween, THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS. I mean it was back in 2007 that I got to experience an American Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's been too long. Thanksgiving is not the same anywhere else in the world. I can hardly wait for the turkey, the stuffing, the olives, the sparkling drinks, the cranberries, the mashed potatoes and gravy, the Grateful feelings. And Christmas, in a Non-Christian society, it just isn't the same either. Whenever I catch myself thinking about what the future holds, my heart starts beating wildly and I get almost giddy. I have at least voiced this excitement to 3 people. I am downright excited for it all. The food, the Holiday cheer that can be seen everywhere, even College Football. The wassail, the hot chocolate, the cinnamon sticks filling rooms with Holiday smell, gift-giving, wrapping paper, Peppermint CandyCanes!, Christmas carols playing on the Radio, Christmas trees, lights, and the list goes on. I am stoked. And can hardly wait!

But CostCo - aren't we going to the extreme? I mean it's not even September!

04 August 2010

11:42 P.M.

I am on my floor of my apartment. I just printed out the final draft for my paper, my flashcards are sitting unused by my side, and I decided that I eat WAY to much food and spend WAY too little time doing anything physical. I feel fat. I know I'm not fat--don't go all crazy on me! I just feel it.

I feel fat.

My thighs seem larger.
My pants somehow make them look even larger.
I feel rollier in my belly.
My breasts feel tight around the undergarments (I know way too much info, but who really reads this anyways!)
and I feel so much more oily on my face like the fat has liquefied and is seeping through my pores.

I need to solve this crisis. And I know how to do it!

Physical exertion. I haven't been on my bike for days. True the weather has been so PMSy that I haven't had the courage to get out to be electrocuted seconds later by a freak lightning storm or blown away by a random Tornado. I can't even remember the last time I went running. It probably coinsides with the rape on the Provo River Trail. Lame, sick world we live in.

But enough is enough. I feel fat. I know I ain't fat - but I sure as do feel it. And I'm done with it.

Physical exertion Here I come.

But first I got to finish the term off with a bang,
but before that I have got to go to bed!

Love the Yamagata.

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