21 April 2010

the Fiction World as we know it NOW

So after work, I dropped into Barnes & Noble - a store that I haven't stepped into for 2 years. As I wandered around aimlessly, I found some pretty awesome stuff: a notebook full of empty sheet music, a World Map and a United States of America Map (which I really need to find somewhere) and just loads of books. As I was heading out to purchase tasty Cafe Rio, my eyes fell upon a display of books - and this was right in the center:

(the one of many books on display that took Jane Austen's works and polluted greatness)

I was coming to grips with the new vampire craze brought on by Twilight. I mean, I get it - authors all over the place see the success of Stephanie Meyer (success meaning the amount of money that she has brought in) and take every idea they have ever had and thrust some vampirical idea into it hoping to earn as much money or more. The entire youth fiction wall of books was vampire after vampire after vampire. Anyways - taking classical fiction and screwing it up to somehow make Mr. Darcy (the man of many women's dreams) a vampire is completely TOO FAR.

Fiction needs to stop dirtying itself with the stench of vampires

before the good world of great literature like the pure and clean Pride and Prejudice are ruined and we are stuck with nothing but complaining, heartsick, bloodsuckers.

I wonder what Jane Austen is doing in her grave.

07 April 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why I Simply Can't WAIT for...


the sun
wearing shorts and sandals to class
movies such as:
Letters to Juliet May 7th
Iron Man 2 May 7th
Robin Hood May 14th
Prince of Persia May 28th
Karate Kid June 11th
the Last Airbender July 2nd
the Sorcerer's Apprentice July 26th
(i mean seriously - it is as I was telling my friend - great summer movies waited for me to return to come out and grace us with their awesomeness.)
the opportunity to swim
the promise of excitement and adventure
meeting new people
(did i say that one already?)
I mean with extra UV rays dazzling us

Happiness will be unescapable.

06 April 2010

A Very Merry UnBirthday.

Aspects of the Day that made this my not so very merry UnBirthday:

I got out from under my down comforter
to find at least 4 inches of white snow outside as far as my eyes could see
on the 6th of April
to go to work
with no human contact for 7 hours
as my sinuses were clogged to the brim
which led me to the doctor where
I was ignored in the room for a spell
to which I left
as soon as I got my hands on the prescription
which led me to Walmart
keeping me from my home longer than desired
as well as helping me forget that I needed to get to Texas Roadhouse 5 minutes ago
to arrive and receive a bitter phone call
leading me to unpleasant thoughts about work tomorrow
where I will have to somehow erase problems that came from today
not knowing the source of bad turn
as i waited in the cold (still April 6th)
so I could an hour so later
get back into my car to head towards Centerville Blockbuster
to come to the horrible realization that it has closed
unbeknowest to even myself
leading me directly back towards 5th South in Bountiful
getting me out of my car
so I could get back in my car
ripping my favorite pair of jeans in 3 places in the process
causing me to somehow mentally figure out how to manage to purchase some more
which led me back to my home
where there was still snow on the ground.

Aspects of my Day that made it My Very Merry UnBirthday:

Waking up warm and feeling better than I did when I fell asleep
to see that the snow plows had plowed our street
(as well as my dad waking up at the crack of dawn to shovel our driveway)
allowing me to smoothly get up my hill
so that I could go to work and
earn the much needed money
to start the adventure of school in less than 3 weeks
during the 7 or so hours of listening to sweet music my sister put on my iPod
and drinking my oh-so-needed Dr Pepper
to when 4 o'clock hit and I headed to the Library
where Specials was waiting for me
bringing me in super close proximity to
where I got prescription medicine for my sinus problems
bringing much needed relief
which led me to Walmart
where I got to spend a little time with my Mom
and ran into Jessica
and lazily browsed the aisles until the time came for me
to head to Texas Roadhouse to eat dinner
with My Friend
to be blessed with an Onion Blossom
as it being our first time to the restaurant
where we went to eat steak and
were pleasantly pleased with our overfull tummies
to which we needed help in digesting
so we chose a non-strenuous activity such as watching a movie
which led to an entertaining 2 hours
where we ate popcorn
and laughed
and enjoyed the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes
and the ever so present Dr Watson.

It was a good day.

Love the Yamagata.

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