09 April 2011


trunky |trǝ ng ki|
adverb; having the inability to do anything due to a desire to jump into the beautiful future where one will rest from responsibility they deal with at the moment

I have 3 days left of class, and 9 days before Winter 2011 is officially over. I still have a pile of math homework due Monday. I have a 400 pg book I need to read before my History Final. I have a writing assignment I haven't even started due Wednesday. I have a Calculus Final in a week. But alas, I am super trunky.

Any sort of desire to propel me forward to accomplish that which lies ahead of me is gone. I can taste the sweetness of being finished and it's paralyzing my ability to encourage myself to do what needs to be done, to finish the semester by giving my all.

I can see the end. I can feel the release of pressure. It's so close.

But, I have to finish strong.
But, I don't wanna.

Love the Yamagata.

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