16 December 2010

Thoughts from the Last Week

There are sometimes in your life in which you really really want to just run away from all responsibility, and just fly. This week I have had many of those moments.
As a disclaimer for this post, my brain is 99.9% fried, so I apologize for my lack of good spelling and/or grammar. Also, it is literally just a list of thoughts that ran threw my brain this past week. Enjoy

Ahh! The world is out to get me.

This car that looks like a box had better get out of my way, or else....Real mature, trying to run me over. Excellent.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Adios, Professor Davis. Never again.

Please take this book away from me. Sorry we're not buying it back. Just one more way Professor Davis put his oppressive stamp on my life. Beautiful.

I just want the next 5 days to happen without me being aware of them. I'll just deal with what happens.

I was told I had a beautiful smile and it made my century!

Relief. Exhaustion. Sorethroatness. Happiness. Joy. Pleasure. Warmth. Mind-stretching. Mind-explosion. Excitement for Next Semester. Pure bliss to know that the Federal Government wasted $300 on my un-buyback-able textbooks.


One more test and then...

Nothing. It's going to be awesome.

Love the Yamagata.

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