21 June 2010

What is Love?

This question was asked as I sat at Ms. Heather Wrigley's home watching her mother make the most delicious cookies as we watched Sense and Sensibility. Both Eleanor and MaryAnne were in love, but both outwardly showed their love in drastically different ways. So the question was asked:

What is Love?

What do you think?

Have you ever been in love?

or been loved?

What is it and how does it feel?

Both of Eleanor and MaryAnne's beaux complimented each other. I mean, I could never be persuaded that Eleanor loved Willoughby and MaryAnne loved Edward. It was like it was their specific keys that unlocked the women's hearts. No other key could do it just the same. But then you have to ask, was MaryAnne actually in love with Willoughby - or was she infatuated with him? The Colonel unlocked her heart as well, but he and Willoughby are not similar in the slightest. And then what was it that constituted the Colonel's love for MaryAnne? He saw her through all her craziness. But loved her through it all.

What is love?

Everyone tells us we need to find the one that we can love and who will love us.

But what does that even mean?
How will we know when we find that one we love and who loves us? W
hat will it be like?
Will it be fireworks in our heart?
Will it be just a wake-up-in-the-morning feeling, and we'll just know?
Will it be a gradual understanding?

What is this insanely powerful emotion that ties one man and one woman together forever?

I love my family and I love my friends. I deeply enjoy their company. I can't wait to see them after a long absence. I hug them till it hurts. I love sharing my dreams, and adventures with them. I love divulging me and myself to them. I love hearing about their crazy lives as well. I hate it when they hurt. I love it when they're happy. I love finding them the most perfect presents.

Will this be what that LOVE is like?
Will I feel towards the man of my dreams as I do with my family?

But I love other people. I love those I meet. And who become part of my life through their influence. We bond in a most interesting way. I love Ms. Heather's family. I love those amazing brothers of hers as I would my own flesh and blood. I love many Albanians. I love friends of both genders.

What will make this LOVE different?

What is LOVE?

For all those out there who are married, or have ever fallen into the trap of LOVE, I ask from all of us who have yet fallen,
what is it?

07 June 2010

Adventure 2:

the 1st being with Shelby in Provo Canyon
Adventure 2 entailed me riding a bike for the first time in a long while!

It was hot. It was amazing. I started out and rode West following the gorgeous Provo River. The air was full of cotton and the smell of water. I loved the wind blowing against me. It was a great feeling--exhilarating really. The sun was beating on my back and I excitedly soaked up every ultraviolet ray. I realized mid-trip that somehow my front brakes (it took me awhile to figure out how to spell that- Ridiculous!) weren't up to par. I'll have to check that out.

Anyways, i fell upon a Summer Winterland.
It was gorgeous.

And as I rode further and further, I was getting more and more excited until



But I happily turned around because the UV rays were still pouring into my ever so eager skin. As I made my way back towards home, I noticed something thin and long in my path. I noticed it was a snake right before my front wheel pancaked it! Oops.

As I peddled home, I found out the perfect way to make yourself look like a leper. So all those wannabe lepers out there, listen up! This is what you do. First, go get exceptionally burned. Then, go and perspire - either by running, or riding your bike. The moisture (aka sweat) will not be able to get past that layer of dead, burned skin. This will cause your skin to bubble in sweat-drop sized bubbles. These bubbles will also be a whiter color.
And there you have it, you have achieved looking like a leper! Excellent.

It was a great ride!
Who would have ever thunked that riding a bike was "just like riding a bike"?

03 June 2010

June 3rd

May is officially over, June has officially begun, and I am officially stoked.


Because (ishalla kismet) the sun will be out more often now that we are getting deeper into summer.
Because Spring Term is coming to an end, and Summer Term is about to begin which means that I'll be done with writing and on to numbers.
Because Motra Bentli only has 4 more months before she is attacked by a extremely anxious returned missionary.
Because ....

I can't list the numerous reasons why I am officially stoked. One major reason I would have to say is because August is getting closer. My bestest friend and I have decided that we are young, and single only once so we have to live it up. We have decided to go on the adventure of our lifetimes (now to an adventure seeker this just might not seem like a lot - but to us, it is going to be monumental).


It's not set in stone, and the details are still being hammered out but it looks like it is going to be awesome. There are two options.


We'd drive through Las Vegas to get to beautiful San Diego (one of my most favorite cities in the world).
Spend a couple of days soaking in those exhilarating UV rays. Then head home but not through Las Vegas. Nope - we'd only make that ridiculously horrible drive once. We'd head up the coast and take Route 1
Stopping on the way and playing in the beach

until we reach San Francisco
where we'd make a left and head straight across the continental US and hit home.

Jealous yet? :) Just thinking about the possibilities is making my heart go insane.


We'd drive down to San Diego and spend 3 days on the beach,

and then head home.

Option 1 is looking much more pleasing, if only because we wouldn't have to make that ridiculous drive more than once! And it is a dream of mine to drive Route 1 and I think it is high time for me to achieve another one of my dreams!! I mean in a little more than 4 months, I'm going to be 24. This my friends is officially weird. Who'd ever think I'd turn 24 one day! I know it was bound to happen, but I feel like I should feel older and act older somehow. But I don't and wont - I am going to be a 24-year old with the heart of an 8-year old!

Anyways that is why I am officially stoked May is over and June has begun!!
It's exhilarating.

Love the Yamagata.

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