27 March 2008

Brain Exploded at 8:45 this Evening

My brain officially exploded with the over-downloading of Statistical information!  It hurts.  I am sick of doing averages, percentages, sums of box models.  Sampling retarded samples. Over and over and over and over again!  My arm is aching from the strain. My eyes keep glancing up at my clock wondering when bedtime will arrive.  Wondering how soon would be too early to call it a night!  I have done so much to prepare for my stats exam, and now my head is having difficulty processing it all.

I like doing well at school.  I expect myself to do the best I can do.  I see know point in spending the time, energy, and Money to do less than my best.  Some of my family members, mainly my older sister, thinks I'm obsessive compulsive with my grades. You know I just expect myself to do the best I can.  Getting that B because of retarded, stupid mistakes is highly irritating.  I am at school to learn and to get good grades. So that is what I plan on doing!

My brain is broken at the moment, but it will be okay after Friday.  I am planning on not doing any school work after 11:30 Friday.  I have to play hard and let my brain rest.

I have been looking at the next few weeks wondering how my brain is going to handle this:  I have so much to do the rest of the semester!  But then I decided that I will take it one day at a time.  I can handle it.  My brain will not really explode.... maybe if I keep telling myself this it will happen.

I asked my mom, via text, whether I could go to bed at 8:45 pm. She didn't respond.  Either her phone is off (which is very likely), or she is already in bed, so I will take that as a "yes" and say adios amigos!

It is officially my bedtime!!!

14 March 2008

A Bunch of Peeled Bananas

Like banana peels,
Barricades erected for soceity
peel away

in Our extraordinary
corner of the world.

good times,
create better.

Like a continuous game of tennis,
all eight of Us
rapidly pass wit's ball

Whatever the situation,


I wonder what life would be like with
no Sun;
Warming days up with
ultraviolet smile.

Like the first bottomless Spring sky,
becomes more spectacular every
    short second
    short second!

With the giddiness of a schoolgirl, I know
the one, My knees go weak with anticipation
thinking when I'll next see,

the one
who bursts excitement down my spine
creating energy
that could light Manhattan up forever.

With a massive magnet's power,
I am drawn towards

09 March 2008


6th east stands still as I,
the human bullet,
zoom towards my target:

the portal between
a receiver and
       loving mothers,
       tax returns,

       adventurous beginnings.

Six inches away,
I stand frozen to the ground,
with a kettle of mixed emotions
in my eager mind.

Like a kid who Wants to Know
the stove is hot,
my sweating, shaking hand
reaches into my worn leather jacket pocket,
for the small unique copper key.

The unlocking-click echoes the
of an engine.
Squinting as if I was staring straight at the sun,
I slowly pull the tiny door open.

But, my eyes go as wide as hula-hOOps,
as they discover the


typed in the center.


I find it simply amazing, ironic, and odd that I love my English class this semester.  As I registered for the semester, my English class is the class I was least looking forward to.  I hated writing.  I never thought I was good at it.  I know I am not a professional at it.  My sister is by far more amazing (to see check out her blog: freshscribbles). I even voiced my concerns during the first week of class.  Throughout all the assignments we have done though, I have unexpectedly enjoyed myself immensely.

For the class, we have to go visit a Writing "tutor" at least twice during the semester.  Those visits are great.  I had no idea the writing center existed on campus.  As I sit down and do an assignment, it is really exciting.  During the day, I think how to improve the paper, or poem constantly.  It's beyond amazing!  Anyone who knows me knows how odd this truly is.  If I were given the option to write a poem or do a mathematical equation at the beginning of the semester, I would rather be given the algebraic equation and solve for "x".  But now all I want to do is write poetry. It's such a fun avenue of emotional release.  

My personal essay assignment was even thrilling to write.  Trying to find visual ways to write rather than just telling the reader was almost as exciting as trying to find a solution for an inverse sine function!

I will definitely continue writing poetry throughout my life.  It's just fun!  
It really is ironic that the class I am enjoying the most this semester is my English class.  My trigonometry and statistics class are right up at the top as well. My life science class is a totally different story.  But really this semester hasn't been very bad.  In different ways, I have found All my classes enjoyable and interesting.  (even learning about the nature of wheat has been somewhat thrilling...)  

But writing doesn't hold the same dislike as it did in January!! It's been great fun. This blog will most definitely be seeing more of my writing.  

Like An Unreachable Itch

Five minutes ago you 
with your face plastered against your textbook
with ten minutes before the Final exam.

Your fingers involuntarily
on the steering wheel as you 
obsessive-compulsively t'wards the clock.

Reminiscent of a recovering addict's ache, you 
taco bell. With the pressure of a dam, the 
within your bladder rapidly reaches the breaking point.

Your chest aches from your heart's
due to unrelenting 
of the imminent exam.

You have little Time to 


the car
in Front of you
is going
in a
mph Zone!


In age
of chivalry,
men protected woman.
Courage, valor
and love

shew through 
their deeds always.
Nothing more important,
their Lady was 
their Life.

times have changed.
Boys think they're in mom's womb
till death, with no

and protecting
damsels in distress; so
women wander

Poetry Unit

In my English class this semester I have been writing poetry for the past week or so.  It has been an interesting and unexpectedly exciting endeavor.  It was fun to write poetry. I didn't know how to write poetry, and then I realized, through my class, that I can choose how to write it.  It's so cool!!!
So  I decided to post a couple of my poems on my blog.  

04 March 2008

Completely Ridiculous

I am going to vent to space today.  I came across a really annoying bit of reality today.  My mom got an earful on her voicemail because of this reality (I needed someone to hear my frustration) - I am sorry for the long, loud voicemail mom!

I am trying to sell some of my DVDs.  I have too many.  I heard that this store buys used DVDs.  I thought, what I great idea!  My DVDs are in almost- new condition.  Most of them have only been viewed a couple of times.  So I went to this store with five of them ready to receive at least $15 dollars for all of them.  They wanted all of them for $7 dollars.  I was flabbergasted.  One of them was going to be bought for 25 cents.  Needless to say, I left the store with my DVDs to think about it for a little bit more.  True I bought 3 out of the 5 at an extremely discounted price, but 25 cents. Come on!!

So I was thinking about it all during the day today, and I decided that it would be okay to get $7 for the whole thing.  I only bought 3 of them, so it would be okay.  I wasn't going to take the time to find someone who would buy them for more.  I wouldn't take the time!  -it's not that important to me.  I just wanted to get rid of them.  I went back to the store today.  The new special clerk takes my DVDs and starts scanning them in.  She stops on the second one and sees my name written with black permanent marker in the case, and says she can't take it.  I was flabbergasted.  I told her that all of them have my name in them.  She's says I'm sorry.  I say, "I could take a black marker and cross it out and you couldn't even tell the difference."  She says, "They have to be in new condition."  So I leave the story before I explode all over her.  (My mom gets a call at this point in the story)  

New condition:  My DVDs have no scratches, they all play magnificently!  I put my name in them because I value my DVDs.  Everyone in their right mind writes there name in their personal belongings.  They were going to buy "the Holiday" for 25 cents ( a relatively new release), and they wouldn't because my name was written on the inside of the black case in black marker.  If they were going to buy it for the amount they were going to sell it (like 10 dollars), I'd understand it a little better.  BUT 25 cents!  -they had an issue with my name!!  I was giving them $60 dollars worth of movies for $7 dollars, and they had an issue with my name -- that can easily be covered up!!

I'm annoyed can ya tell!!!

But hey, maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Maybe I CAN find someone willing to spend $3 for a non-scratched DVD with my name written with black marker on the black case!!  Maybe.

(It's already showing blessings, i just sold 2 of the 5 for $10 dollars. ROCK ON!)

Love the Yamagata.

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