31 May 2008

Summer is Slow

I have decided that the Summer has been going by way too slow.

Everyone might disagree with me. Normally, I would disagree with myself. I mean summer is always super fast. But I have never been waiting for one of the most amazing adventures of my life to begin! I can finally see the end of the waiting but I've still got about 50 days till the beginning of my adventure. To pass my time though, I still have a ton to buy and get prepared for the mission. 

I have been working at LPA for the past month as well, which has kept me somewhat busy and kept my thoughts elsewhere. The last week or so have been rather hard because there is not much to do in a school the last couple of weeks of school. As I have worked there this summer it has been beneficial. I have decided I could not be a full-time 2nd or 3rd grade teacher! Dealing with 25 2nd graders takes a lot of energy and herding skills. Don't get me wrong, those kids are adorable. I love hanging out with them. But they have no desire to be in the classroom for eight hours, and they let you know it. True, it might be different being an actual teacher rather than a random substitute. I remember using Substitutes to get away with a lot of stuff during my elementary days! Elementary students are a blast to be around though. They have an addictive energy for life! There is one 2nd grader who made me smile every time I saw him. We had an eternal game of Tag going on between us. Every time we'd see each other in the halls, he's come up and tag me. It was adorable!  There was also a 3rd grader who was such a blast to be around. She was so enthusiastic and always had a smile on her face. I decided that her lost twin was in the other 3rd grade class. She and this boy looked so similar that I could have sworn they were related; but alas, they are not!  

There was also this 2nd grader who would have to come and give me a hug every time she  saw me in the hall. It warmed my heart! Then there was a 1st grader who knew he was awesome, and it was to die for. His little attitude was awesome!!!  He made me smile. As a kindergartner last year, he and his friend showed off their little muscles to me. It was so cute!  I'd wait for him if I could. ;)

But now the school is empty of all the cute and crazy kids. Sad. So hopefully I can find just as entertaining as amazing things to hold my attention at the school for the next month. 

I went down to the Sister Missionary Mall today with my darling mother. I showed my emotional, hormonal side to my mom today on the way down to the mall. It would be really great to blame my outbursts on my haywire hormones but I don't think I can. I just need to learn to control my emotions and keep deep thinking to things that should be thought deep about!  Let's just say it was a crazy ride down to the mall and it really was my fault! And I feel dreadful about screwing up with the exciting venture my mommie and I were on!

We finally got to the mall and walked into a store full of long skirts, collared shirts and sweaters. It was beautiful! I bought some of my clothes today and it was way exciting.

The next 5o or so days will be full hopefully to help me quickly pass the time. I know of at least one night I'll be busy. I am going to go out with our ward's Sister missionaries and see them at work. I'll be able so see what I'm kind of getting myself into. Now, before you think I'm just doing this to satisfy you Mom, know that I was thinking about this on the way down to the mall. And I really did realize my reasoning for not wanting to do it was very illogical to say the least! :) It'll be exciting to get a glimpse of what I'll be doing for 18 months - even if I'll be doing it in Albanian and 1/2 way across the world.  It'll be thrilling! (Those text messages in the car were telling Sister McFall that I'd love to go out with the sister missionaries as well.) I'm really excited to do it!  I think fear really was a major part in not wanting to do it and I didn't want to admit it!  

So that is one thing I'll be doing.

I also really want to go to the Zoo one more time before I go. We'll see if I can persuade (or bribe) anyone to go with me! No one else seems to like the Zoo as much as I do. But we'll see what we can do about that!  I've also had the dying desire to go Ice Skating! 

I'll probably take my dogs out for a few more walks. I also have a day at Lagoon to look forward to. 

All in all, the time will probably go by quicker than I'm thinking it will. 

I'm super excited!!! It's gonna be a great adventure!

21 May 2008

A story/ idea that popped in my head...

The Origin of Closet-Monsters

Since the dawn of time, magic has permeated the world. Before the world as lived now, there was a world full of magical creatures, spells, wizards and witches. Slowly though, the magical world died away due to a loss of belief and passion for the magical realm. Nevertheless, magic still permeates every part of our world today: from the changing of the seasons, to the laughing of newborn babies, to the dark creatures of the deep forests, to the sparkling of lovers' eyes, to the roots of bedtime stories and, most importantly, to the root of every child's dreaded fear of going to sleep at night because of the monster living in its closet.

Parents might think they created that myth to keep the children at bay and in their beds at night, but the parents got the idea from their own repressed memories of hearing the creaking and jostling in their closets during the deepest, darkest moments  of night. The real origin of closet monsters lies within the parent of our world, magic. Our life today is full of magical creatures. However, because of our nearsightedness, phasing, and faithlessness, our eyes and hearts cannot see what really surrounds all life.

Take the mysterious creature of Big Foot, for example. Ever wonder why he is sighted all over the world? The creatures (for there are more than one) "Big Foot" are descendants of the great mountain giants that have lived in the forests of the world since the beginning when the trees talked amongst themselves. Butterflies were not always mute to the ears of human folk either. They were once great faeries who ruled the air. The disbelief and destroying nature of the human race slowly forced the faeries to withdraw themselves from all life into what we now see as just beautiful colorful moths. (My dearest dream is to see the faeries unleash themselves again and take the sky. I have read it is a sight not to miss.) The world we live in today is not so unmagical as everyone believes. In reality, magic is what makes this world go round. We would see it if we took a step back and looked hard enough.

Within this magical world, the creatures now known as closet monsters started their lives of fear. These monsters do exist. The slow creaking in your closet at night is real. The loud banging, the glimpses of fearful things when your closet door is cracked open: these are not just extremely great uses of the imagination. Way back when the world was vibrantly awake with faeries, trolls, witches, broomstick flying wizards, giants and unicorns (which are now horses: silent dull creatures) there was a creature feared amongst all: the Bogart. Bogarts lived in the dark recesses of logs, underneath rickety old bridges, abandoned homes, wardrobes, and chests. Those who found one were soon face to face with what they feared the most. Bogarts, to protect themselves, change shapes and become the worst fear of whomever faces them. Bogarts live off of and relish fear. Some magical creatures in the early days could battle them with simple spells, but as magic dwindled into near existence, so did knowledge of how to get rid of these creatures (which is dreadfully sad because the true way of victoriously getting rid of a Bogart is hard, true laughter). 

As the world grew smaller and smaller with technology and urbanization, the Bogarts' living quarters diminished to closets and sometimes the space between beds and floorboards. Eyes and ears do not usually see and hear magic today because of the chaos and trivial distractions, but in the dead of night, when one's imagination is on fire, the locked magic hearing parts of our ears unlock and you hear it all.

Since the dawn of time, magic has permeated our world. We've just been too daft, dull, and busy to see it.

**Thanks for J.K. Rowling's The Prisoner of Azkaban for instigating the idea.

08 May 2008

Crazy Life

Well the last 7 days have been ... interesting.

I have to admit that I have become addicted to two Michael Buble songs: Everything, and Call Me Irresponsible.  They're just fun!  

I have worked for a grand total of 32 hours so far this week. By tomorrow at 4 pm that total will be 40 hours.  

I witnessed my little sister, Laura, tap and hip hop. Didn't realize what she could do. Talented is too small a word to use to start describing her.

My little sisters and I had a head banging, dancing, make-up doing, crazy party in Shelby's room. It was here that Shelby and I watched Laura's dancing talent up close and personal. She's amazing. So full of energy, charisma and personality. 
And for a limited time, the music movie we made.

I just realized that I completely ignored my Visit Teaching Supervising responsibilities. My mind has completely left Logan. I was mass released almost two weeks ago so I don't feel that bad. ;)

My little sister is now 17 and is still a doll!  She wants to wear suspenders one day soon, and I know she'll look drop dead gorgeous while doing so.

I went to the library and rented 7 (i think) DVDs. Most of which are old movies that I had never even heard of. But so far, my random, high on boredom choices haven't turned out to be that bad. How could you get wrong with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby singing all together? And Shirley Temple is always exciting to watch.

Zeus, my massive Maine Coon cat, has found a new best friend in one of my greatest friends, Maria.

Too bad Ashley.  You should have come home. I doubt Zeus will remember you after such a great night of cuddling.

I sleep on an air mattress on the top bunk of a bunk bed. I share a room with my 14 year old sister which is especially interesting when she is high off Rubber Cement. 

I am crazily proud of my grades for the Winter semester. My BYU application is getting done. All I have to do now is get my Ecclesiastical Endorsement. 

I received a letter from my Mission President which boosted my excitement for the now nearer next adventure of my life. I was totally disappointed by "Made of Honor". Twice now, kindergartners have asked if I am a boy or a girl. I have been told I have orange hair. I have bruised my rear by my friends massive Suburban.

I have dyed my hair to a chocolate brown color that reminds me of a Tootsie Roll. My hair still has a red tint to it, but it is now darker and browner.  

I have officially realized I have a lot of stuff to do in three months. 

I have taken upon myself a massive job at work with next year's registration. No matter how big of a project it is, it will keep me busy.

Tomorrow will be a blast! I get to spend the whole day babysitting Junior High students in math classes. Happiness!

Well as one can tell my life has been crazy, but totally awesome!  

04 May 2008

Life At Home

Okay it now has been a week since I left Logan. I seriously need to post this draft of a blog post:

As I left Logan, I was celebrating.  Freedom!!!  It was beautiful.  I said Bye to Sardine Canyon for the last time. Then, I got lost.

Or what seemed like I was lost.  It was dark and I was introduced to little, completely unknown cities of Utah like Slaterville or Hooper.  I was following a big truck and his rear and my car's front got to know each other very well.  We followed his rear end for a good 25 minutes.  I have to say that no matter the detour off I-15 where I was forced to go 55 mph I still made it back to my home in 1 hr and 20 min. Amazing!!

Saying goodbye to Logan created mixed emotions in my heart which was totally unexpected.  I was sad to say goodbye to somethings, but for other things I was totally stoked to leave.  Not many people realized that I wasn't coming back after my mission in Albania.  I didn't really announce that I was going off to BYU, because Aggies have a strong opinion of Cougars and I was happy to still be alive! (I guess I shouldn't say that I am not coming back until I actually get my acceptance letter, but I am 99.9% sure that I am not going back to Logan.)  Who can really blame me? Who would in their right mind want to live somewhere where it snows inches on May 1st?  Crazy.

I am going to miss seeing my friends. Right now there is a small part of me that wishes I was making pancakes with Jenni. Or watching a Disney movie with Maryann. Or playing my cello with Scarlett. Or talking about crazy emotional things with Christine. Or teasing Robert until his face goes the shade of a tomato. Or swinging on the swings at Adam's Park. Or locking up the Institute building after ward prayer with Ryan, Kaylon and Jenni. 

But I am way excited to really be out of Logan and be home with my extraordinary family.  I am still congested which is not fun though!

Love the Yamagata.

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