29 June 2008

Time flies...

... even when you're not having fun! 

It's been almost a month since my last post, and it's sad to report that not much has happened within that time. True, I did run into Jenni in American Fork and that was a blast. We went shopping for missionary clothes and she witnessed my insane shopping style. Uncertainty, buy, uncertainty, return. (all in the same hour, mind you.) Hopefully she still thinks I'm cool even if my shopping tendencies are a little on the strange side.

I have officially purchased all my missionary clothes... minus a pair of water-resistant boots and some undergarments. By the way, if anyone sees a pair of conservative, dark, water-resistant boots that look durable enough to walk in for 18 months let me know!  I could go for another short sleeve colored top but I think i will be okay. After all, I do have like 5 colored shorter-sleeved sweaters to wear. I think I have plenty of clothes. Give me six months and I'm pretty sure I'll feel differently!

I did go see Prince Caspian a fourth time and I have to say that it's a pretty excellent movie... almost "Lord of the Rings"-good material!  Lord of the Rings, that reminds me of something that happened in June.  My darling little sister borrowed my most amazing hardback copy of Lord of the Rings! Then she took a bath!  While the rest of us were in the living room, we hear a crash and a "Uh-oh". I didn't make the connection at first. Then Shelby my other wonderful little sister asked me if I realized what was in the bathroom with Laura. I walked up to the door and say, "Laura what happened?" Instantly, "Melissa, I'm sorry!" HA HA, my coveted copy of Lord of the Rings is now twice as large. I guess this teaches me not to covet my belongings!  It's okay, I still love my little sister! Just she better not get anywhere near my Chronicles of Narnia copy while I'm away. ;)

But all is good on the home front right now. I constantly hear that my friends I've gone to school with are getting married by the second and then what's weirder, being pregnant! That is awesome and I'm totally stoked for them, but I am totally psyched to be going to serve a mission in Albania for 18 months. 

It still hasn't quite HIT me that I'm leaving and I wont be back for 18 months. Live will go one while I'm gone, but when I get back I'll expect everything to be the same. I know it wont be. It is a little hard to handle that my littlest sister will be driving and dating when I get home!  and Shelby will be attending college! and Travis will be flying Apache helicopters! and my Mom and Dad will almost have an empty house! and maybe Laura will be down in Tuachan! Crazy!!

But life goes on, I guess!!  It'll be awesome. The best part of me leaving is I'll finally be out of this rut I've been in since the first week of March! Hallelujah! 

Ta ta for now!

08 June 2008


It's been tested: marked drowsiness may occur with the use of Benadryl!

I slept most of the day today because of taking one Benadryl tablet. Not expecting to get very tired from one tablet, because I usually don't get drowsy with two. So most of the day I was zonked out. It's nine o'clock and I am eagerly waiting to get back into bed.  

But today was the last day for me to sleep in. My friend and I are going to the gym at 6:00 a.m. This is good for multiple reasons. One, I will get into the habit of waking up again. Two, going to the gym will hopefully build up my stamina. Three, I'll feel better. 

I still have a load to do before I leave in July. For instance, I still need to get my typhoid shot. But I am getting it on Friday the 13th. I also need to find a couple more shirts, a pair of shoes, a coat (but I think I have that covered), and some random essentials. I'm tired of shopping. This is a good thing, because for the next 18 months I wont have to really shop!  (Oh, I also need to finish applying to college and get that settled out!)

I bought a new scripture bag which is less bulky. BUT, there isn't a place for me to put my pencil and pen! Goodness gracious, what am I going to do!!

Random fact: I just watched Hook for the first time in ages. It was very entertaining. It was like watching it for the first time because I don't think I caught anything from it when it was littler. It was very interesting!  

I also bought a portable CD player. Archaic, I know! There weren't that many options for me to choose from. But it will do its job nicely.

Yesterday I took my little little sister to a parking lot and let her try to drive my car. It was definitely an experience. My car probably aged a good ten years. ;) It's really weird to think that when I get back from Albania, she'll be driving and probably have her license. Weird!

But life is great! I still need to watch all of Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings again. Seeing Prince Caspian again would be great but not really needed. I also need to go to the zoo and see the pretty animals.

But all will happen!!!

Love the Yamagata.

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