11 February 2008


"Isn't it ironic, don't ya think,
It's like rain on your wedding day,
It's a free ride when you've already paid.
It's the good advice that you just didn't take...."

It's buying 4 gallons of water because the water main breaks, 
then coming home and finding it fixed.

When you have no water for 3 hours, your mind is free to wonder about what would happen if I was truly out of water for days.  Would I be prepared?  Whenever I'm asked if I have a "72-hr kit" I think I'll be just fine.  I have plenty of Prego and such.  But I realized today that no matter how much Prego or how many spaghetti noodles I had, I would be nowhere without water!  So I finally decided to go purchase a few gallons of water.  So that 1.) if my water stayed off for a long time, I would have water; and 2.) If it ever happened again, I would be prepared.  (Also knowing that I didn't have water made me excessively thirsty!!)

It doesn't matter if people think that what I did was stupid.  "You should have waited it out."  -Or the looks that say, "Why did you just go buy water, are water is on now?",and so on.  I now have 4-gallons of water.  I will not feel so "threatened" the next time this happens.  I am a little better prepared.  You never know what will happened.  Water is a necessity of life, and I have it now.  The people around me who are thinking that I just wasted less than 4 dollars on water can go slap themselves silly.  Part of me feels like Noah and the building of the ark!  Noah was prepared, as I am.  

Bring it on!!!

05 February 2008

Weird Phenomenon

I am excited to be writing my paper for english!  How odd is that?!?  I went to the Writing Center today.  It's a requirement for my class to go at least twice this semester.  The writing center is a place where we can take a paper, and have a tutor go over it with us.  It was a really good half hour.  It actually was one of the few moments when my head did not hurt today at school. (My head hurt, because my entire upper body hurts, because I shoveled piles and piles of snow of my parking lot yesterday to get my car out of the parking lot in order for the snow plow to come plow the snow I had already shoveled off. ) Anyways. 

So I was so excited to get back to my apartment and work on making my paper better.  I might have gone a little overkill in parts of it, but it'll smooth out nicely I think.  It's a lot better (at least I feel a lot better about it) then it was yesterday.  Reading it to my classmates wasn't even that bad!  What is going on here.  I am suppose to hate sharing my thoughts with others.  Agh, usually my palms are sweating and my heart beats wildly.  But no, it didn't happen.  Freaky!!  Am I getting more comfortable sharing with others?  NO, what will I do!!!

On a side note, I realized on Sunday that I have got to start looking at people when I'm talking to them.  Well maybe one person in particular.  I don't know what it is about talking to him, but I seriously have issues with looking in his piercing eyes, or even at his calm face when I am talking to him.  Grr...  I need to work on that little weakness.

But enough!  I must now go and graph trigonometric functions!!

Love the Yamagata.

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