15 February 2011

Lucky Me.

Sunday was the beginning. I sat on my couch and listened to a young man sing a song while playing his guitar. Honestly, I could stop with that sentence. Any girl who gets to listen to this young man play his guitar is a lucky one, but to show just how lucky I am, I will continue.

The next day would be Valentine's Day. The night before, Denver and I had been making Valentines for random people. In my little head, I thought, "I wonder if I'm gonna get a Valentine tomorrow." I just wondered. As Valentine's Day came to an end though, Denver showed me that he had planned on making my Valentine's Day spectacular.

At 7:40 am, I walked outside and was bombarded with red and white hearts on my door, and a gigantic envelope addressed to me. When I say gigantic, I mean gigantic. I promptly closed my front door, sat on my couch and opened my ginormous valentine. Lo and behold, it was a gigantic pop-up Valentine, with a 3d heart and everything! It made my day. I raced over to Denver's apartment, and the moment he opened the door, I enveloped him with the greatest hug. Then we went to school.

Then he went to work. I fell asleep in two of my 5 classes. As I reached my last class though, I had no idea that I would be wide awake for the rest of the day. I had bought some CornNuts at the vending machine, which I promptly dropped on the floor as I sat down in my last class. This made me slightly bumbed. As I had left the basement of the JFSB, I had received 3 text messages. One of which was from Denver asking me if my last class was at 3, which by itself did not cause me to wonder. As I sat down in my class (slightly noticing a red heart on the wall), he sent me another text asking if I happened to be in 112 TMCB. At this text, I'm pretty positive my face went as red as a tomato. All sorts of crazy thoughts entered my head. I asked him what he was doing, and he said Nothing but chem homework. So my heart calmed down a little.

Mid-way through my Fundamentals class as my professor was discussing mathematical induction, my eyes caught sight of the red heart on the wall again. This time, I decided to read what was written on it, it read, "If I were a flower growing wild and free All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee." A smile erupted on my face, and the people near me probably were thinking, "Why is she finding so much joy in induction." But alas, that is not what I was finding joy in. My mind was far far away from induction. My mind was fixated on that heart with very very familiar lyrics of a song that Denver introduced to me on Thursday and has been singing ever since. I instantly texted Denver saying, "Oh my freakin goodness! Are you calling me your sweet honey bee?!" To which he replied, "It's about time you noticed! I didn't want to have to spell it out for you. Yep, I sure am." Oh my oblivious self. Anyways, I couldn't stop smiling. I felt so loved.

If his goal was to keep me smiling, he achieved it with that red paper heart, but that was not the end. Yesterday, I got my hair colored. And let me just say, I am super happy that my hair is one color again. It feels great. Getting back to the story though, Mr Denver knew I was going to get my hair colored today and it just so happened that he knew the girl who was doing the color. As I sat there smiling away with Miss Amanda chatting about how amazing my day had been, I noticed someone had received some roses during the day. They were absolutely gorgeous. I thought, someone is a lucky woman like me, with a man who cares tremendously. The roses were soon forgotten though as Amanda washed my hair out, and blew dried it. It was heavenly. As I got up to pay Miss Amanda, she got a little twinkle in her eye. She handed me my receipt and the previously admired roses, announcing that someone had delivered them earlier for me! I was in disbelief! Amanda started jumping up and down, telling me to read the card. What an amazing fella Denver 'Do you Wanna Be my Valentine' Erickson is!

I left the hair salon spectacularly happy. I didn't deserve all of this! I needed to see this fella as soon as I possibly could. He was on campus, I had to go to the store with Shelby, but then finally I got to squeeze him tight and thank him hard core for making my day super happy. It wasn't done though, he made us crepes which were superb. (Then we had to do some homework) BUT THAT was even bearable. Smiling all day released so many endorphins into my system that I was wide awake and happy.

I got to end my day, by being super selfish, and holding the very tired man in my arms! And kissing him hard. Life was good.

Lucky me.

(I just needed to explain that my luck has definitely changed)


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Tiffany said...

You sound pretty stinkin' happy! Yay I am so happy for you! Hope I get to see you all of you this Sunday!

Love the Yamagata.

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