14 January 2011

a Boy's idea of Fun.

I never really had thought about the doings of the male sex in their free time. It had never crossed my mind that their idea of fun would be any different than that of mine. It had never crossed my mind that they could be so easily amused as like a cat is easily amused with a laser pointer. It had never, in a million years, crossed my mind that at a Ward Activity where professionally-made games were amply available, four young men would spend a good half hour amused by a cellphone.


It all started (at least this is where I'm putting the beginning) the first time a certain young man watched Inception, which perhaps is one of the best movies I saw in 2010. This young man seemed to also have really enjoyed this movie. If we think back to the movie, the characters used totems to pull them back into reality. The totem of Cobb being the last image we see before the screen blacks and the movie is over. Well this certain young man, let's just name him Denver, has a phone. This phone happens to be pretty well balanced, which he likes to boast about as he constantly pretends it is his totem. Anywhere, anytime, if the phone is near and a hard surface is close, Denver spins his phone and watches it. It doesn't ever seem to stop.

Are we in a dream?

Well last night, we had a ward activity. We had so many games on each table to choose from: Apples to Apples, Mario Kart, etc. As we were all slowly becoming full off of CostCo Pizza (which is delicious by the way), Denver realized he had his phone and a nice round table was sitting in front of him. The phone starts to spin. One by one the boys on the table become entranced by the sheer beauty of this well-balanced phone. Then one of them has a bright idea to see exactly how long it spins for, because it is indeed an unnaturally long time.

Thus the games created by professionals were quickly pushed to the side and the real man fun began. First, they just wanted to find out how long the phone spun. Then it became a competition of who had the best technique and could make it spin the longest. For awhile, the phone never reached a minute. But then Mr. Brian Bean broke a minute with the time 1 min 14 sec.

A record to be beaten!!!

Then, amazingly so, Mr. Brian Zundel spins out 1 min and 18 sec.

No matter what anyone tried they could not beat this well-deserving record of phone-spin. What a guy game. I was entranced. It was amazing to see how easily amused these 4 young men were with this spinning contraption.

And we know that a certain young man will continue to try to beat that record spin time...even if he's behind in chemistry.

I mean it is his phone, he's had more practice. He should have been the reigning champion.

And girls, don't get any smart ideas, it is a man game. I thought I'd join in on the fun, but only got a measly 44 sec. I don't know what it was but it most definitely is a guy thing. Or, it could have been the fact a certain young man blew at. But I'll leave it to the men.

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