08 September 2011

the Slap in the Face

For the past few days I've been in a funk. Falling deeper and deeper into, as Anne Shirley would say, the "depths of despair." Simply put, I've not been myself and I needed a slap in the face to kick me out of this disgusting, vile, horrible, feeling of which I want no part of.

So I got one!

And it hurt.

One of my best friends looked me square in my eyes and demanded me to tell him 5 great things about my life in payment for the one horrible thing I let lose on him. And I couldn't tell him more than a couple.

This is when I realized something desperately needed to change immediately. This was not me. I'm the person who can find the tiniest bit of joy in the most uncomfortable, horrible situations. For example:

* The cold, dark months of winter?

I get to wear scarves! and the world is a beautiful, snowy wonderland.

* Saying goodbye to the summer?

The colors of fall, the smell of the Earth, the crunching of the leaves. Pumpkin!

* School?

Oh my gosh, freshly sharpened pencils!!

See!! So what the crap is wrong with me!!! Some not so pleasant things pollute my life right now, and I lose myself in despair? My life is sad--BUT it's not wholly sad!

I have great friends. Emily! Toni! Ricky! Maria! Travis! ... and the list
could go on.
My mom and dad are spectacular, letting me raid their food storage
and giving me fresh tomatoes and peppers.
My little sister, Shelbs, makes me laugh.
I played tennis with my brother and sisters Monday. It was hilarious.
The weather is glorious.
The sun is shining.
Fall is on its way (with all that it brings)!
My friend made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies the other day as
I did homework.
I have a job (well two) that I love.
Football just started and, oh my heavens, I'm stoked.
Financial aid has kept me alive.
I just made Crock-pot pizza.
Speaking of food, cooking brings me great joy and I love it!
I mean, Gumbo!, Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf! Enchiladas! Gosh, it's
Pickles are one of God's greatest creations.
Rubios's salsa is magnificent and should be illegal, it's so good.
My calling brings me great joy.
I am loved by many, including and most importantly my Father in
The Atonement is Real and I'm feeling its power more and more in my
life as the days pass by.
Honestly, my life is GRAND!
not perfect but when is it ever.

It's gonna take a while, and a cup of effort, to fully get out of this funk and to reintroduce myself to ... myself!

I love Life!

So, to help, once a week I'll be blogging about the great parts of my week! A type of therapy really. Why? To remind me of how purely wonderful my life truly is--no matter the gigantic rocks (yeah a rather dramatic word, but deal :) ) in my path. But, That's what makes life interesting anyway right, the rocks and turns and twists in our path?!

So, friend, thanks for the slap in the face. It was absolutely necessary.

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